Acreo Swedish ICT

Acreo Swedish ICT AB is a part of Swedish ICT Research AB, a non-profit research organization owned by the Swedish government (60%) and industry. Acreo's mission is to provide contract R&D and production resources for new innovative products within ICT. Our activities range from basic research through development and to the final stage of production. Acreo has a broad competence spectrum and encompasses Integrated Circuit Design, Microelectronic Process Technologies, Optical Components and Systems, Packaging Technologies, Printed Electronics, Sensor Technologies, and SME Services. Acreo collaborates actively with industrial and academic partners as well as in national and international R&D programs, including OLAE-programs funded by the European Commission. Acreo has a well-developed collaboration pattern with SMEs in Sweden, carrying our joint projects, and acting as an external R&D resource for the SMEs. Acreo has also a proven record of disseminating and promoting industrial deployment of its research findings, including establishing of spin-off companies, as well as licensing of its know-how and IPR.