Centre for Organic Chemistry Ltd. (COC)

COC is a private Research company located in Rybitvi nearby Pardubice, Czech Republic. COC focus their activity on R&D and technology transfer in the field of organic chemistry. The main activities are in the field of materials for organic electronics, organic photoactive application and protection against UV radiation. COC is doing research, scaling up, small-scale production and transfer of new technology into full-scale production at industrial partners facilities. COC has appropriate equipment available for all these activities, laboratories equipped for synthesis, purification, and analyses and for optimisation on large laboratory scale, glass pilot plant for up-scaling newly developed syntheses and optimisation of technological procedures. COC is equipped by vessels for syntheses from 50 ml up to 100 l and pressurised apparatuses from 50 ml up to 5 l. All these vessels can be connected in apparatus units. Synthetic procedures are supplemented by appropriate purification methods, flash chromatography, column chromatography, sublimation, extraction, and fraction vacuum distillation, in the laboratory as well as in pilot plant volumes. COC have a close cooperation with their mother company VUOS. There, a production can be established in vessels up to 5 000 l. Products of syntheses and production are characterised by standard analytical methods.