Gorenje Group is located in Velenje, Slovenia and consists of a parent company (joint stock company) and 80 dependent enterprises (62 International).
The most important division of Gorenje Group is Products and services for Home which produces and sells major household appliances, small domestic appliances, kitchen furniture, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Production of household appliances is organised in the parent company Gorenje, d.d. (which produces refrigerators, freezers, cookers, ovens, washers, dryers and some of their components), and also in production facilities in the Czech Republic, in Serbia and in Sweden. Each of plants where these appliances are being manufactured has their own development and technology department, with totally over 240 engineers and technicians.
Technologically perfected, superiorly designed and energy-efficient home appliances under the brands Gorenje, Gorenje+, Atag, Asko, Pelgrim, Mora, Upo, Etna, Körting and Sidex are supplied to users in 90 countries worldwide, mostly in Europe, USA, Australia, Near & Far East.
Among other technical solutions, Gorenje is presently marketing a glass door refrigerator with electrical switchable shading. In view of this the principal role for Gorenje in the EELICON project is the specification of requirements, design of appliances incorporating switchable shading solutions, testing of applications, performance of field tests and preparing the demonstration appliances. We have a lot of experience in performance of these roles for other technical solutions for appliances. Our worldwide sales network can cooperate with market research and we have a strong department of industrial design.