Hydro Quebec

Hydro-Québec generates, transmits, and distributes electricity, mainly using renewable energy sources, in particular hydroelectricity. It is one of the biggest electric utilities in North America. Technological innovations are an integral part of Hydro-Québec's core strategic objectives. For more than four decades, the Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec has put its expertise and energy into supporting HQ, to improve the performance of its operations, develop areas of growth and better serve its customers. The team consists of 500 employees: scientists, technicians, engineers and specialists pool their expertise to support HQ in every facet of its operations, from electricity generation to consumption. The creation of the unit-Storage and Energy Conversion (SCE), managed by Dr. Karim Zaghib, focuses on new materials and technologies for electrochemical systems with dry polymers, gels, and liquids as electrolytes. The group has specific know-how in safe battery technologies and successfully.