YD Ynvisible

Ynvisible develops and markets interactive solutions for everyday printed items. The company was founded in 2010 (Cartaxo, Portugal) as a spin-out from YDreams, a company dedicated to the creation of state-of-the-art innovative interactivity projects, products, and technologies. Functionalities familiar to consumers from on-line / digital experiences are adapted and applied to physical (printed) objects, using flexible EC displays, combined with other conventional and printed technologies on flexible substrates. Scale up production capability has been built to serve first higher volume customer cases, and take on further customer market trials. First product generation started to be commercialised in 2011.
Ynvisible's EC technology and knowledge of integration with different modules e.g. sources of power-supply, electronics and user interface modules has been developed during the last years in collaboration with R&D groups from universities and institutes as well as private companies which are leaders in development of Printed Electronics.
Ynvisible is and has been involved in several national co-funded QREN (The National Strategic Reference Framework - NSRF) projects and is participating in the European project "Self-Assembly in Confined Space" (SACS).