Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Comfort by Smart Light Transmittance Control


EELICON is concerned with an innovative switchable light transmittance technology developed previously in projects co-funded by the EU Framework Programmes. The core of this development are mechanically flexible and light-weight electrochromic (EC) film devices based on a conductive polymer nanocomposite technology with a unique property profile far beyond the current state-of-the art, opening the possibility to retrofit existing windows with a electrically dimmable plastic film.

According to life cycle assessment studies, considerable energy savings may result when such films are included in appliance doors, aircraft cabin windows, and automotive sunroofs, and the comfort is significantly enhanced. The development has been driven to the pilot-line production stage, however, the decisive step from research to innovation could not yet be accomplished for a number of technical and economic reasons. To overcome this gap, EELICON will tackle existing drawbacks by removing equipment limitations, automating processes, and establishing a high-throughput prototype production for a cost-effective high performance EC film technology in Europe.



Electronics Goes Green 2016

International Congress

Berlin, Germany

September 7- 9, 2016

M30 Review Meeting

ACREO, Norrköping, Sweden

May 25-27, 2016

The 12th International Meeting on Electrochromism (IME-12)

Delft, The Netherlands

August 28 – September 1st, 2016

M24 Review Meeting

YNVISIBLE, Caparica, Portugal

Februar 3 - 5, 2016

nano tech German Pavilion

Tokyo, Japan

January 27-29, 2016

EELICON Business Plan Development Seminar

Fraunhofer FEP, Dresden, Germany

December 03-04, 2015

Smart windows with electrochromic film:

almost ready for prime time (Theme pack issued on CORDIS News)

December 11, 2015


IDTechEx – Printed Electronics USA 2015

Santa Clara, CA, USA

November 18-19, 2015